Online Musicians Services

 LaNauEstudi also offers online recording musicians so that you can add to your project real instruments recorded by experienced musicians as well as with a high quality profesional studio recording equipment.

Acoustic Guitar (From 25€ each song)

Classical or Flamenco guitar (From 50€ per song)

Electric Guitar (from 25€ per song)

Electric Bass (From 25€ per song)

Upright Bass (From 100€ per song)

Piano (From 50€ per song)

Drums (From 50€ per song)

Percusion (From 50€ per song)

Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) (Recorded individually from 50€ per instrument and song)

Trumpet (From 50€ per song)

Trombone (From 50€ per song)

Sax (From 50€ per song)

Male singer  (From 50€ per song)

Female Singer (From 100€ per song)

Special offer for more than 3 songs together.